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University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh
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The project has four components:

Component 1 - Promoting Academic Innovation
The objectives of this component are to: (a) establish enabling conditions to enhance the quality and relevance of teaching, learning and research; and (b) introduce an efficient instrument for the allocation of public funds with an emphasis on innovation and accountability.

Component 2 - Building Institutional Capacity
The objective of this component is to reinforce the management capacity of the sector, both at the central level and at the level of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The component will include the sub-components: (i) Strengthening the strategic capacity of UGC; and (ii) Enhancing the institutional capacity of the universities.

Component 3 - Raising the Connectivity Capacity of the Higher Education Sector
The objective of this Component is to disenclave Bangladesh universities and to integrate them in the globalize world of knowledge. The main activity will be the establishment of a Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN). It will also expand the existing digital library.

Component 4 - Project Management
The fourth component of the HEQEP is dedicated to all the activities to be undertaken under the other three components. Its objective is to ensure the proper implementation, management and monitoring & evaluation of the project and it is constituted of two sub-components, aiming to reach this objective.
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